When purchasing a Diamond from Northwood Jewelers, we are so confident she will love her Diamond, we guarantee it. If for any reason she isn’t head over heels in love with her Diamond, we will get her the one she LOVES!

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That is Northwood Jewelers TrueLove Guarantee!

We belong to a very high status Independent Jewelers Organization that allows us the opportunity to go to Antwerp, The Diamond Capital of the world. Without IJO believing we are worthy of being a part of this group we would not be able to make this happen. Of 36 years in business we are a trusted business with years of knowledge and great experience. It is the best opportunity for our customers in return to purchase a diamond from Belgium because they are carefully inspected by our Diamond professions here at Northwood Jewelers. We know what to look for when shopping for the perfect diamond for our customers. Belgium has an endless supply of the highest quality diamonds all in one spot. We go in knowing the quality you are expecting with a budget you have given us and we locate a diamond even better than what you had imagined! We are increasing the quality you deserve with a price that is fair. We are view parcels of diamonds for perfection JUST FOR YOU. Pre-Order TODAY for her Dream Diamond that was carefully hand selected from your specifications by our experts. We are willing to travel 3,900 miles for you and it is worth every mile to bring you back the perfect diamond - the proof is in her smile.